Noise Isolating in-Ear Headphones


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  • [Ergonomics Design]: The earphones are ergonomically designed, flexible, lightweight, allowing you to comfortably wear for long periods of time, the ear tips are soft and excellent quality, it comes with two additional different sizes of buds (M/L), you can choose the better buds to fit your ears.
  • [Excellent Stereo Audio]: Set of 5 pieces of excellent stereo earbuds with microphone feature powerful bass and provide excellent sound input and output quality, allowing you to enjoy comfort while still having the enjoyable listening experience possible!
  • [Built-in Microphone-Multi-Function Button]: Built-in HD microphone in earbuds and the power button function lets you can Answer/Hang Up/Play/Pause/Next/Previous Song without picking up the phone, making it easier to use.
  • [Meticulous Design]: The 5-pack of earbuds with microphone are lightweight, tangle free cable and can easily fit in a pocket, while different colours give them more character and versatility,and the use of quality materials means a longer lifespan.
  • [Wide Compatibility]: The earbuds are suitable for android smartphones and iPhone devices, iPad, iPod, Windows Device, Mp3 Player, compatible with most devices with 3.5mm jack.



249 reviews for Noise Isolating in-Ear Headphones

  1. Shawn Gale

    Very comfortable to sleep in. Just what I needed!

  2. Rachel

    Haven’t used it much yet but it’s convenient and comfortable.

  3. Josh Ludwig

    I like it so far. Looks like a really nice product, just opened the box

  4. Susan Vargas

    Its functions are great and I’m excited to see it’s long term condition so I can look forward to buying more products.

  5. Ashley Eccles

    These headphones are so comfortable to sleep in! LOVE the fact that they’re blackout!

  6. Joanna Le

    This will be great for talking with my friends when I am on the bed

  7. Vanessa Bastas

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  8. Kara Prichard

    I haven’t used it yet, however the reviews are pretty positive.

  9. Samantha Barowsky

    Took less than 30 seconds to set up out of the box. Comfortable and great for watching tv without disturbing the whole house.

  10. Hope

    It’s good for what it is. Haven’t used it yet but figured I’d do the survey for my free AirPods that they don’t have in stock. Hahaha

  11. Lydia Mares

    Very comfortable to sleep in and listen to books

  12. Ruben camacho

    Good sound great look very comfortable to wear highly recommended

  13. Alex Kanstul

    This headphones is pretty good I like them lots.


    very nice product

    the design looks cool

  15. Jay Lagman

    Super comfy to wear and easy to use.

  16. Joshua Carlon

    These headphones are great. Way more comfortable than other sleep headphones.

  17. Nicola

    The headband is comfy to wear and is just the right size. Easy to use and sounds great

  18. Diana

    I love how comfortable & convenient they are.

  19. Julia Gray

    I love this headband. Very easy to set up and charge. It connected straight to my phone. Now I can comfortably listen to my hypnosis tracks while falling asleep.

  20. Sarah Kobetis

    Great for sleeping as well as keeping ears warm in the cold. The lowest volume level is still a little louder than I’d prefer but I compensate by moving the earphone piece off of one ear.

  21. Kevin fowler

    Excellent product that fits perfect and provide a solid sleep without discomfort

  22. Tara Berry

    Too big for my son. Bought too block out sounds

  23. Sufyan Al-muntharee

    Good sound, easy to lay on, a little hard to adjust hedphones. but overall they are good.

  24. Lisa Parkman

    These are very comfortable and much better to fall asleep with than my AirPods.

  25. Santiago Biei

    My racing thoughts are slowed down while l sleep thanks to this headset.. l listen to music, white noise and l can turn freely in bed or sleep in any position. They won’t fall. The quality of the sound is astonishing. Absolutely recommend.

  26. Theodore Cohens

    Product is good and comfortable

  27. Bonnie Ferrer

    So easy to wear and comfy for sleeping on my side. The sound for sleeping is just perfect and the band is stays in place too. I like it so much I’m planning on buying another for my husband.

  28. Jonathan Meléndez

    Excelent product, excelent price, confort, i love it… !!

  29. Kathryn Mcspadden

    Sound quality is good, fits snug but not tight. Comfortable to sleep on.

  30. Kevin Vaccaro

    Very comfortable and great price for what you get. Awesome product

  31. Deborah burden

    Very high quality. Love this item!

  32. Maritza Vielma Rangel

    Excelente, buen precio, buen diseño, llego a tiempo. Lo recomiendo a ojos cerrados

  33. Paul Colsey

    I’m writing this review under my husband’s account. These are nice. Comfortable and light weight design. I can fall asleep on my side, or however I wind up laying, without the worry of tangled cords, And I get quality sound for my audio books, music, ambient sounds, or whatever I’m in the mood for. The super slim speakers and breathable fabric really feel great and almost disappear like they are a part of my body. Like I’m not wearing anything at all. The controls are simple, the battery life is plenty and I couldn’t be happier with these headphones. One technical thing is the Bluetooth V5.0 really makes a difference for me, as the connection seem strong and I haven’t experienced any skips or interruptions. I am unsure of the range, as the furthest I’ve been hasn’t been over 15 to 20 feet. But long review short, I like them. Nice birthday surprise from my hubby. Just what I was looking for.

  34. Inger Eberhart

    I am a side sleeper and this is perfect for that! The headband was comfortable, cool, and light. In addition, the sound through the headphones is full and rich!

  35. Chenxi Dong-o’malley

    Great headphones used every night. Love them

  36. Emmett McKinnon

    I think the product works very well in a very comfy to sleep in I like it very much

  37. Kathy McGovern

    Very comfortable. Good sound. Very quick delivery. These make my audiobook listening better.

  38. Giselle MacDonald

    This product is very comfortable and an enormous help in tuning out extra noise during sleep and keeping warm while running outside in the cold.

  39. David S

    Haven’t used for long yet but seem high quality!

  40. Christian Scott

    Very comfortable and affordable I love it

  41. Heidi Schulke

    Recommend by friends from yoga. I use for mediation app before sleeping. I was struggling with regular headphones and these are so so soft and perfect for meditation and anything hands free.

  42. Crystal Perez

    Great product
    Fast shipping
    Great perks

  43. Alexander Cleesattel-Hicks

    It works much better than using regular headphones or earbuds when trying to sleep


    Bluetooth paired very well and fast with device. Sound quality is very good abd sound level is plenty for my applications. I will definately buy from mzosui again.


    Simple to use, works like it is supposed to and the ear pieces are free roaming inside cloth making it easy to adjust to ears. Only complaint would be it is a bit tight on the head, which causes the head band to squeeze off in the night

  46. Suzanne Kison

    This is so much nicer than using earbuds at night when I am trying to sleep and helps block out other noise and light

  47. ANN BABU

    Good product, comfortable to use. Easy to sleep with music.

  48. Claire True

    Good, solid, comfortable. Cheap compared to other brands.

  49. Crystal Lamb

    great product great product that doubles as an eye mask

  50. Timothy Schmidt

    Super happy to finally have a comfortable way to list to things without making me ears hurt.

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