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“Okay what can I say I love these earphones so much. I love the quality the sound is very decent and they are comfortable as heck. The microphone is excellent and people are not asking me to repeat myself a thousand times as with my last ones. You get way more than you bargained for with these earphones so you can’t go wrong. Try them. They are a great.”
“Very happy with this product! My boyfriend and we run every day.So I bought this product to allow him to comfortably listen to music while running and he was so happy! I will surely bring this with me in my travels to sleep on the plane while listening to music without always losing my earbuds! The fabric can fit any head because it is extensible. It is very comfortable and not itchy. Yeah, this is a great gift for people that workout or people that travel by plane.”

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We supply premium professional Sleep Bluetooth Headband at affordable prices.

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