KIRABABY Earbuds Wired

  • [Ergonomics Design]: The earphones are ergonomically designed, flexible, lightweight, allowing you to comfortably wear for long periods of time, the ear tips are soft and excellent quality, it comes with two additional different sizes of buds (M/L), you can choose the better buds to fit your ears.
  • [Excellent Stereo Audio]: Set of 5 pieces of excellent stereo earbuds with microphone feature powerful bass and provide excellent sound input and output quality, allowing you to enjoy comfort while still having the enjoyable listening experience possible!
  • [Built-in Microphone-Multi-Function Button]: Built-in HD microphone in earbuds and the power button function lets you can Answer/Hang Up/Play/Pause/Next/Previous Song without picking up the phone, making it easier to use.
  • [Meticulous Design]: The 5-pack of earbuds with microphone are lightweight, tangle free cable and can easily fit in a pocket, while different colours give them more character and versatility,and the use of quality materials means a longer lifespan.
  • [Wide Compatibility]: The earbuds are suitable for android smartphones and iPhone devices, iPad, iPod, Windows Device, Mp3 Player, compatible with most devices with 3.5mm jack



475 reviews for KIRABABY Earbuds Wired

  1. Kristen

    Good price and they work well. Good choice for kids for school, too.

  2. Dreamfinders

    The headphones are very durable. Great product!

  3. Margaret Castelluccio

    Works well. Lasted decent amount of time, even with kids who are very hard on them.


    I have been using these earbuds for over 6 months and the audio quality is phenomenal and far surpasses the stock earbuds included with my iPhone Se. Nevertheless, the audio amplification and equal bass-treble allows all my music and YouTube videos to sound accurate and immersive. Therefore, I am pleased to announce that these earbuds are by far the best that I have used and owned.

  5. Karen D Sutton

    The earbuds have excellent sound and are very durable. No complaints here……

  6. Kevin wagner

    Comfortable, accurate, fantastic value for the money. Recommend to anyone.

  7. Loyd Monaco

    Perfect for use at work and while driving. Price is right to have a spare and no need of a charger.

  8. Breana Nupen

    I like the style and color options, as well as the ability for sound.

  9. Gladys Gee

    I love the soft earbuds. The hard ones hurt my ears too bad. I seem to have a problem with them shorting out on me. I think I’m not handling them gently enough.

  10. David Miller

    For the price these earbuds have really good sound. The only problem that I have is that the cable is a bit short.

  11. Peter Hall

    Beautiful packaging. Very comfortable. Excellent sound especially for watching movies and blogs. And I like the different colors so I can keep mine separate.

  12. Lana

    It was a good product overall worth the money

  13. Lisyen

    Bought these for my son to school. He hasn’t complained about them. A+

  14. Dania Melgoza

    Theses are great headphones. Only reason taking 1 star off is that the plastic ear inserts fall off easily.

  15. Nuria I Solis-Oyola

    Love them they work wonderfully and i love the different colors the sounds through them are amazing

  16. Brian Holtz

    For the money, this is an OUTSTANDING deal. Whats more is, these earbuds have proven to be far more sturdy than a $20 set I ordered a while back.
    Keep up the great work! We need more products like these.

  17. Christopher Kershner

    Excellent product, works great.

  18. Jenny Yang

    The earbuds look and work great, and sounds nice. Just as advertised!

  19. Jillian Farnsworth

    We have a kitty who loves chewing through cords. We needed good but inexpensive earbud cords for the whole family and these were perfect! I’ve enjoyed using them for work, my kids use them at school, and I don’t feel too bad when they get lost or destroyed because they are extremely affordable. I also think they look great!

  20. Blake

    Excellent sounds clarity, deep bass, crisp treble. All around fantastic earbud for the price point. I’d definitely buy again.

  21. Sommer Mitchell

    Works as expected—got exactly what I ordered in a timely fashion.

  22. Violet Reyes

    These earbuds were great on a budget. They have managed to last more than most other earbuds I buy. The quality is amazing for the price.

  23. Zuri Williams

    I like it…they came packaged well, the sound is very awesome and clear. The colors are super cool too, so I gave 1 of them to my wife cause she loved the pink one,

  24. Jaci

    The earbuds work in good quality and make it easy and accessible to use. Slight difficulty in making calls but overall good for listening to music and listening to videos

  25. Laurie Ann Denton

    They fix without any difficulty and they are comfortable

  26. Raymond Gonzalez

    Really useful, I use these for my morning meeting

  27. Heather

    Has worked just fine so far. Soft on ears. And pretty colors

  28. Tina Jovanoska

    Love it, they work perfectly on my laptop and the phone

  29. James Peterson

    Worked very well, very comfortable. Had great sound, and I liked them a lot.

  30. Taylor Ludlam

    Great ear buds for the price and we are always losing them over here so it is great to have a few spare ones!

  31. Suzy lopez

    The quality is great and so is the noice canceling but, it kept shocking my ears

  32. Ash Patel

    Great product. Works as advertised. Great value. Will purchase again.

  33. Kahea Kalili

    Great price for a great product!

  34. Madeleine Sharkey

    I use these ear buds every day while exercising and they cancel out all unwanted noise intrusions. The sound is clear and crisp- love them!!

  35. Marilyn Gagnon

    These are great for my kids to use for school!! Fast shipping

  36. Chad King

    I love these earbuds. Excellent price, great value for money. Fits comfortably and sound quality is excellent. Bass is loud, much better than I expected. Perfect for talking on the phone or listening to music. Definitely recommended !!!

  37. Keith Pow

    The headphones are simple and function well. Little differences in top color helps know which person’s headphones they are easily.

  38. Sumer Jennings

    They are nice and the price is good, but they do not last long at all.

  39. Joy Burke-Ross

    They are good. They work and keep my kids happy.

  40. Sowjanya 1975

    Excellent quality and durability. outstanding performance.
    Absolutely no issues with the purchase. Highly recommend

  41. Todd pitts

    Works good so far. Only used 1 set

  42. Óscar teco

    Good producto good cuality excelente

  43. Nancy Panula

    The sound was good as expected for wired earphones . The price was great for 5 earphones . The ear cushions were comfortable .

  44. Sara Franco

    I bought these for my students to have some headphones for in class activities and numerous students have told me how much they want these headphones to keep. It’s actually becoming a small problem with having to keep track of all of them. Great bud!

  45. Darin Spencer

    Product arrived as advertised. Sound quality is decent, and now have extra earbuds for the whole family.

  46. Chad O Weaver

    The head phones served my needs for my phone and iPad.

  47. Matthew Vasquez

    I havnt used the mic so I can’t gove a 5 stars cause idk how it f but the headphones have solid quality sound and where cheep

  48. Joseph Sotello

    Earbuds Wired with Microphone Pack of 5, Noise Isolating in-Ear Headphones, Powerful Heavy Bass, High Definition, Earphones Compatible with iPhone, iP are gteat.

  49. Tasha Acosta

    Easy to use!! Kid friendly!! Cute!!

  50. Mayumi Trosclair

    I read many good reviews about it so I ordered a 5 pack. I ordered more than 2 months ago and they are still working great.

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